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Welcome to my imaginarium

I’m Cassidy Dwelis, an award-winning author and illustrator passionate about helping you start your own path as a creative!

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My Books

I’m a published sci-fi fantasy author! Come explore the world of Brady Von Althuis as he tackles all sorts of paranormal pests, ghoulish ghosts and more!


I’m a digital artist and illustrator, producing all sorts including comics and comissions! Check me out by clicking the button below!

MY COmmunity

I have a great community filled with new creatives and experts alike! It’s a great way to meet new people and get great critique.

Commissions Terms of Service

This is my Terms of Service for any commission work that is requested of me. This makes sure we are both clear on how my process works.

Why should I build my own world for my fantasy novel?

In order to avoid appropriating cultures, repeating the same things that fantasy authors that have come before you, and writing huge cliches, you need to develop your own fantasy world. This will not only make your book stand out, but you as an author will have a greater understanding of your world’s residents, economy, architecture, and government.

How do I write realistic kids?

The best way to write kids is to spend time with kids. If you don’t have physical access to a kid in the age range you need, turn to the internet. By watching how kids interact with each other and with adults, you’ll pick up on their mannerisms, their speech patterns, and any slang that they use.

Why should I include adult themes in my children’s books?

Middle Grade readers are incredibly smart and are also growing and learning, trying to process the world around them. By including formative themes like divorce, death, ethical dilemmas, abuse, and other “dark” themes, you can help kids learn through fiction how to cope with those things.

How do I use a thesaurus when writing?

A thesaurus is your best friend when you need to spice up your writing, add complexity, and intensify mood. You don’t need a physical thesaurus, but an internet thesaurus is absolutely necessary.